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I help Latter-day Saint (LDS) women who are divorcing get a fair financial settlement and a low-drama divorce.

Are you an LDS woman facing divorce?


If so, you are at risk.


You’ve been capitulating to your spouse's desires for years. It was a vain attempt to “keep the peace” and let him “preside.”


During divorce, this behavior risks impairing your financial situation for the rest of your life.


If you have a halfway decent lawyer, you will get good advice.


It may feel hard to follow it.


The past pattern of trying to "keep the peace" sneaks in, causing you to feel like your husband should be in charge.


You don’t want to go against him and cause drama.


And yet your financial future is at stake.


I help LDS women avoid costly mistakes in divorce while keeping it low-drama.


DM me and we’ll remove the obstacles that are keeping you from following your lawyer’s great advice, and we’ll do so without creating risks of drama and confrontation with your ex.

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