Adding Goodness to the World

In my coaching, I teach about wanting what you want, and I get a lot of pushback. (Of course, I pushed back when I was learning the concept as well.) Many of my clients feel that it is wrong to want more. They already are so blessed that wanting more, seeking more, and becoming more seems selfish. While I'm all for gratitude ("Thank the Lord thy God in ALL things"), I also believe that you becoming more, better, even wealthier, and more powerful makes the world a better place because you are a good person. The world could use more goodness, don't you agree?

As good people, when we recognize and claim our power, it makes the whole world a better place (there's some quantum science to prove this). When good people develop their abilities, they add more goodness to the world. When good people have more money, they can do more good in the world. When you work to feel better, happier, and more in control of your life, it makes the whole world a better place.

Think about it - when you are around someone good, kind, thoughtful, and generous, does that make you want to be a better or worse person? For me, the answer is better. In that person's presence, I feel the "permission" and desire to be a good, kind, thoughtful, and generous person as well. If that same person denied their power and showed up insecure, withdrawn, and needy, how do you feel? Does it inspire you to be your best self? Not really.

The third thing I want you to know is that as you recognize, own, and develop the power in your life, you make the entire world a better place by bringing more goodness into it.

Can you BE that person who shows up in her power? Who seeks to improve daily? Who allows yourself to want what you want? Can you see that you wanting what you want (which I pretty sure are some really good desires) doesn't take away from anyone else wanting what they want?

One of the best examples of this concept I heard from Jody Moore. You can have a child, totally love that child, and be so grateful to have a child and still want more children. That doesn't make you ungrateful or selfish. It just means you want more.

I believe in a God of abundance. Within every apple, He places many seeds, which each have the potential to become another entire tree! Each tree then produces more apples with multiple seeds to grow many more apple trees. It's incredible when you stop to think about it. There are signs of abundance all around us! Jesus Christ said, "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly " (John 10:10).

Think of your power as a candle flame. When you allow your power to shine and grow, it gives light to others. They can light their flame from your candle without decreasing your candle's ability to shine. As more people increase their personal power, take responsibility for their lives, and create the life they want, their lights shine even brighter. The more we shine, the brighter the world is.

I hope you will allow yourself to want what you want and continue to develop your power bringing more goodness into the world.


You have power in your life regardless of your circumstances.

As you lean into your power, you continue developing and improving yourself AND setting an amazing example for your children.

And, as you recognize, own, and develop the power in your life, you make the entire world a better place by bringing more goodness into it.