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Being Centered

Centering is a process of getting in touch with one’s power Source. Centering is basic to assertiveness. It is a process of focusing inward; becoming aware of and being in control of my thoughts, my feelings, my body, and my choices. Centering is a deliberate act by me, for information about me. It is an integration of mind, body, and spirit, the realization that everything I do, think, feel and believe has an impact on my life. Centering is a process that creates awareness that health, happiness, and prosperity are possible.

Centering accesses information from the mind, body, and spirit, which enhances one’s abilities to problem solve, set goals, and live in an authentic way. If practiced it enhances the quality of life and diminishes stress and anger. Centering encourages self-responsibility and creates accountability. Centered individuals interact with others based on the principles of love and respect rather than on competition and greed. Centering increases the abundance in life through a giving and forgiving philosophy. Lack of centering is evident in a world that focuses on lack, blame, shame and guilt. A non-centered world focuses on the false concept that if others change our world will be perfect.

Centering is a process that no one can do for me. I will only be happy as I make an active choice to live authentically, to know who I am personally, and to direct my own life. This is possible. Janette Rainwater PhD, in her book, You’re in Charge shares this thought, “I am a center of will, capable of mastering and directing my intellect, my physical body, my emotions, and all my psychological processes. Making the decision to be in charge of our own lives is a beginning.”

Make the decision today to be in charge of your own life. A coach can help you control your own thoughts, feelings, and actions so you can move forward with a fresh perspective and create the results you truly want.

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