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Creating Your Future (even in times of uncertainty)

This past year has been one of uncertainty for many people. We’ve wondered what the future holds. As we emerge from an unusual year, many of us are striving to move forward but still feeling trepidatious about the future. How do we create plans when we don’t know what life will be like?

Here are seven tips to help you be who you want to be no matter what the future holds.

  1. Remember that our circumstances do not create our actions.

  2. Decide who you want to BE regardless of circumstances. What is true for you, no matter what? Are you a kind person? Are you a creator? Are you a go-getter?

  3. Remember that you can be that person no matter what. You have that choice.

  4. Understand that you already have beliefs about the future and can continue to do so. You can believe whatever you want about the future because you already do anyway. None of us know what the future holds, but we imagine it anyway. Regardless of the circumstances, you can still picture it however you want.

  5. Remember that you always have a choice regarding what you think and feel.

  6. Don’t allow yourself to think that your future is dependent on what happens outside of you (the circumstance).

  7. Play the hand you are dealt from the person you want to BE. You can always control who you will BE in the future.

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