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I'd Like to Offer You a Thought...

When I went to coach training, our Master Coach would often say, “I’d like to offer you this optional thought that you may want to consider.” She was very kindly letting us know that to feel differently, we would need to think differently.

Because we are all adults, she was in no way going to require us to change our thoughts (as if that were even a possibility for adults). She generously offered us new thoughts that might be more useful, more productive, or more likely to produce the feelings and results we wanted.

Since you can believe anything you want, today I’d like to offer you ten powerful thoughts that you may want to consider choosing now or in the future.

Nothing has gone wrong here.

It was always going to happen this way.

Everything happens for you.

Love is always an option.

There’s plenty of time.

Your past is perfect.

Money is awesome.

Everything happens right on time.

The future is always better than the past.

Nothing is too good to be true.

If you want to believe one of these thoughts, but you just don’t, you can start with the thought, “I’m open to the possibility that…” Ultimately we create our own futures with the thoughts we choose to believe. What do you WANT to believe?

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