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NOT a Gratitude List

Once upon a time, I was asked to write a list of what I wanted.

So I did.

  1. To buy new clothes

  2. To speak on stage with one of my coach mentors

  3. To be debt-free

  4. A coaching business

  5. etc.

I wrote many things that I hoped for, set goals for, or dreamed of.

I challenge you to do that same. Stop right now, set the timer on your phone to 3 minutes and write as many things as you can think of that you want.

Good work.

Then I was asked to write another list.

This list changed my perspective.

It was even better than a gratitude list, which I sometimes wrote with a feeling of being obligated to find five things to be grateful for today.

This list changed my perspective. It subtly shifted my feelings. It helped me feel gratitude out of a sense of wonder rather than obligation.

If you take the time to think about it and write your answers, you’ll be able to feel that, too.

I’d like you to consider the same question that I did. 

What do you WANT that you already have?

Stop. Go back and reread it.

When we think about what we want, we tend to think of the future. We generally don’t take the time to want what we already have.

What about the things that you want that you already have? What about the present?  

What do I want that I already have?

  1. Food

  2. Clothes

  3. A working vehicle

  4. Children

  5. A home

  6. A website

  7. A cell phone

I could go on and on.

Take three minutes. Write your list.  These ideas might help you get started.

Remember when you wanted to get married? Have children? Own a home? Get that job? Stay home with the kids? Get the cell phone upgrade? Get a new car?

Remember when you didn’t have some of those things, and now you do?

Are there things you want that you’ve never even noticed because you haven’t ever had to go without them? Food? Clean drinking water? A place to live? A body that allows you to do what you want?

Aren’t you glad you’ve never had to go without some things?

You may never have even noticed that you wanted these things.

But you do want them.

And you have them.

And it’s amazing.

And you can feel gratitude for the present.

And you can want more for the future from a feeling of abundance. 

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