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Supervise that Toddler!

Since last week's blog post was based on an article from a perinatal journal it seems fitting that this week's blog moves us into toddlerhood.

Most of the time your brain is like an unsupervised toddler. It may be running amok, whining, and throwing temper tantrums, but it is creating results.

Do you want your toddler brain in charge of the results in your life? What results do you want? What do you dream of? What do you want in life? What do you want to create?

Most of us want things we don’t have. We feel that we lack things, so we dream of having more. When we start dreaming about it, and it causes us pain. So we stop dreaming because we don’t want the hurt that comes from thinking about what we want versus what we really have.

I want you to do an exercise right now. Write down 25 things that you want. STOP. Don’t keep reading. It will only take a couple of minutes. Grab a piece of paper, or get on your phone and write down 25 things that you want.

No cheating! Did you write your list?

For real?


Okay, you can keep reading now.

Look at your list. How many of these 25 things are things that you already have?

I’m guessing zero or slightly more than zero.

Now re-do your list and make sure that every other item on the list is something you really want and you already have.

For example, I really want a home and I have a home! I really wanted dinner tonight and I got dinner tonight! I really want friends and I have friends! It’s pretty awesome the number of things that I want that I already have!

Stop now and rewrite your list of 25 things - making sure that every other item on the list is something you really want and you already have.

Wasn’t that fun? Isn’t it cool how many things you already have that at one point you only wished you had? This exercise can help you come from abundance. We so often want from a place of lack. What if we chose to want from a place of abundance?

By having every other item on the list be something you already have you are playing a little trick on your mind by sandwiching what you don’t have, but want, in between what you want and you do have. Your mind is already in a state of gratitude and abundance when you sneak in that thought of something that you don’t have yet. Coming from a place of gratitude and abundance is much more likely to attract your dreams.

Supervise that toddler brain.

Choose the results that you want to create.

Take action from a feeling of gratitude and abundance.

Your dreams don’t need to hurt.

Get dreaming again.

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