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Where Does Christmas Magic Come From?

I remember one of the first Christmases as a mom when I really wished I could still believe Santa would come and grant me all my holiday wishes. It seemed such a letdown to truly give up the dream that someone out there – some magical person – would come and make my holidays "merry and bright." The only way my child would have Santa was if I got to work. It wasn't the Christmas magic that I remembered as a child. It was also the year that the line from the Amy Grant song, The Night Before Christmas, impacted me more than ever, "the heart of this Christmas is in you and me." I realized that it was up to me to create the magic of Christmas for myself and my child. I was the one who had the power to decide if I would be "merry and bright."

Looking back now from a life coach perspective, I can see that it was all about my thoughts. As children, what did we think?

  • Santa is coming.

  • I get presents.

  • We get a tree in our house and to decorate it.

  • Christmas is so fun.

Of course, we felt the "magic of Christmas." We were creating it for ourselves with our thoughts.

As a young mom, what was I thinking?

  • I'm sad there isn't someone who will effortlessly make Christmas magical.

  • Christmas was more fun as a kid.

  • This is a lot of work.

Those thoughts created the opposite of feeling "merry and bright."

Once I reclaimed my power and decided that "the heart of this Christmas" was in me and that I would create the magic for myself, suddenly, things changed. Why? Because when I changed my thoughts I felt better – happier, more powerful, more capable. And because I felt differently, I did different things. I cranked holiday music in the house. I enjoyed playing Santa instead of resenting it. I recreated traditions that had added to my childhood Christmas magic. And because I changed what I was doing, I created a "magical" Christmas. As Glinda, the Good Witch would have told me, "You had the power all along, my dear."

Like I did that Christmas many years ago, you have more power than you know. Sometimes it's as easy as changing a thought. Sometimes it's more challenging to dig down to find and believe in that power (I'm here to help you do that). No matter what, though, you have power in your life regardless of your circumstances. I want you to know that.

If you want to access more of your power (no matter what your circumstance), I can help. Connect with me on a free coaching call and let's dive in.

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