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Why Coaching Matters

As humans we think we want life to be comfortable and happy 100% of the time (okay, at least 85%). Surprisingly it’s this very thought that creates more unhappiness in each of our lives and, by extension, in the world.

When we think we should be happy all the time then we feel unhappy that we aren’t happy more often. Because we are human, sometimes we feel unpleasant emotions (i.e. shame), and that’s okay.

Just like any other skill, as we practice feeling emotions, it becomes easier. The first time you allowed yourself to feel shame, it felt terrible. AND you all survived. The next time you may think, “This is shame. I know this. I’ll be fine.” It will continue to get easier.

Feeling, allowing, and processing your emotions is one of many tools you can use as you work towards your goals. Doing new things and creating new habits is uncomfortable. Instead of seeing that as a sign that we should quit, we would benefit from seeing it as a sign that we are on the right path – no matter how uncomfortable.

Working with a coach can assist you as you practice allowing your emotions and succeeding at new goals. In May 2016, Frontier in Psychology (1) published research indicating that individual coaching “created a high degree of satisfaction and was superior in helping participants attaining their goals.” Coaching provided the support that individuals found difficult to create on their own; “…Independently performing exercises without being supported by a coach [was] not sufficient for high goal attainment.” A coach will equip you with tools for managing your mind and processing emotions.

As a coach, I work with young moms to accomplish their goals. As a former young mom who felt very stuck, I am passionate about helping moms get unstuck and feel successful. I believe each of us can create personal power, positive relationships, and make a powerful impact. I’d love to be your coach and help you create the life of your dreams. Click here to connect on a complimentary coaching call.


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