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Why I Throw Myself a Birthday Party

Last week I told you that you have power in your life regardless of your circumstances. This week I want you to know that as you lean into that power and continue to develop, you both improve yourself and set an amazing example for your children.

I often see moms who feel at the mercy of their circumstances (I know I did). Once you have kids, you may think that you no longer control your life. Your life and your schedule work around their needs and schedules. And this is true – to an extent. As you choose to be the incredible mother you are, you automatically prioritize your child's needs.

But many moms take this a bit too far and either consciously or unwittingly neglect to do for themselves things that they would never neglect for their children, i.e., time, attention, opportunities to learn, friendships, sports, hobbies, and activities. The truth is that continuing to develop yourself in essential AND (bonus, since I know you love your kids) sets an excellent example for your kids. (You want them to take care of themselves and have a fulfilling life, right?)

One thing I always do for myself is celebrate my birthday. As moms, we go out of our way to provide memorable birthdays for our children to let them know how special they are and how happy we are that they were born. (Anyone else do things they never thought they'd do, like hire a Cinderella?)

I remember when my first child was still less than a year old, I was feeling alone and lonely at home on my birthday. I decided to invite some mom friends out to lunch, and you know what? I played the "birthday card," and suddenly, my friends had room in their schedule. We had a small group of us, each with our very own car seat and baby in tow, but we had lunch together. That connection made all the difference on my birthday. I've been playing the "birthday card" every year since. Are you ready to celebrate with me in January?

Giving yourself the attention you deserve is a win/win. As you take time for and create the opportunities for yourself that you would provide for your children, and as you continue to invest in yourself, grow and learn, and make the life you want, your awareness of your power increases.

With more awareness comes even greater power.

The empowered YOU has a greater capacity to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

It's a virtuous cycle that benefits all involved.

Lean into your power. Continue to develop and improve yourself AND set an amazing example for your children.

If you are ready to lean into your power and set an amazing example for your children, I can help. Connect with me on a free coaching call and let's dive in.

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