Reclaim Control of Your Story

Has life thrown you a plot twist?
  • A broken relationship

  • The death of a loved one

  • Unexpected illness

  • A loved one rejecting your values

  • Divorce

  • A child making poor life choices

  • A move to a new location

  • Losing a job

  • Injury

  • An empty nest

Do you feel like you were in one story of your life, and you suddenly got switched to another without your permission? Do you feel like the rug got pulled out from under you?


You’ve done the therapy. You’ve read the self-help books. You feel like you “should” be okay, but something is still missing?

I know the feeling. Life has handed me many of those plot twists. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I was convinced that my life would never be okay again. Years ago, I had never heard of life coaching. Thanks to the loving concern of an individual, I enrolled in a course that changed my life. Although I had spent years studying personal development and self-help books, this class was where I internalized the concept that I am in control of my life.
Since that moment, I have been working to empower other women with the same belief. When I found life coaching, it instantly clicked with me. After signing up for Self Coaching Scholars through the Life Coach School and devouring all the podcasts, I decided to apply to their rigorous program to certify as a Life Coach. After a year-long process, I graduated as a certified life coach in 2019.

Now I get to combine my knowledge and experience as a self-help enthusiast, mom, educator, and certified life coach to help others learn and apply the tools I wish had been available to me years ago. Having a coach is LIFE CHANGING.

After working one-on-one with me, you will:

Have the tools to solve any problem without compromising your values

Recognize and remove self-imposed roadblocks

Be more confident 

Have a formula for creating the future you want

Know your own power

Regain control of your story no matter what others do

Create your own "happily ever after"

Life coaching may be right for you if:

  1.  You’ve done the therapy to work through your “plot twist” (i.e., you get out of bed each day and function at a reasonably normal level).

  2. You want to be in control of your story but feel stuck.

  3. You are willing to do the work to examine your thoughts and beliefs (with support from me, of course).

  4. You are ready to make goals and reclaim control of your story.